Turn Ornaments Into A Freaky Door Thought — DIY All In One & An Image Frame

I was trying to find something a little different to hang on my door. I love wreaths, but I’m kinda tired of them. I fell in love and found this framework wreath, after taking a look at hundreds of holiday décor ideas. This framework wreath is quite entertaining, although slightly more tasteful .

Step 1 : Gather Your Materials

Timing: 20 Minutes Cost: $5 Topic: Easy

I used a few thumb tacks spray paint, decorations chain decoration, and a inexpensive picture frame.

Measure 2: Spray Paint that the Frame

Then you can bypass this step, if you can discover a colorful framework. But I used things I had in my house, and this framework could be fixed with a little bit of spray paint. I needed to sew the backing and glass earlier I could spray paint the framework.

I was able to spray paint a glossy reddish on it.

My wreath and ornaments were added by me together. I’m really feeling that the red and gold colour scheme, this year. So I can easily change them out when I wish to, I pushed on thumb tacks into the framework to maintain the decorations on. They were easy to just pop in. Basic the string onto the frame with a g*n if you would like more a permanent way to attach the decorations.

A bow was created by me along with my ribbon, and I pasted it on utilizing e600. I did this because we’ve got a overhang, and I’m not concerned about the wreath.

I’m really happy with this looks. It is simple, tasteful, and the perfect touch to my door.

Materials I employed for this job:

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