Watch Powerful Mash-up Of President Obamas 7 Speeches On G*n Shootings (VIDEO)

A g*n massacre in America is no longer a g*n massacre, but rather just another Thursday in Murica. Like with all these egregious but seemingly quotidian g*n tragedies, each side goes to its respective corner and gripes; nothing substantial will happen until small p***s pills are covered under Obamacare.

President Barack Obamas sharp and aggressive remarks on the shooting incident at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, which k****d ten innocent lives and wounded seven others, marks the seventh time he has had to address a mass shooting since he entered office. Thats righthes had to address seven f*king mass shootings since taking office in 2009. That unfortunate and unnecessary number of addresses compelled me to make this video mash-up of all President Obamas addresses on g*n shootings. So it might be best to play this for any g*n-toting ammosexuals you might know, though they will inevitably just scream incoherent my god given second amendment nonsense at the screen.

Watch the video below:

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