WATCH: The Must-See Key And Peele Spoof Of Neil DeGrasse Tyson (VIDEO)

Key and Peele, comedic geniuses, can put a humorous spin on pretty much anything. The duo seems to get better and better on every season of their Comedy Central show, and this last one (ever, *tear*) is no exception. In a recent episode, they combined two of their specialities with awesome results deadpan impressions and the intricacies of martial relationships.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of the Cosmos series from Fox & National Geographic, is unquestionably one of Americas most-loved scientists. Now, I dont think anyone, least of all Key and Peele, pretend to know what its like to be married to Tyson. His wife of 12 years, Alice Young, is herself a mathematical physicist, so its unlikely she would be easy to trip-up or talk around. However, their take on what it might be like if Tyson used science to get out marital spats is fun to watch.

Watch Key and Peeles brilliant and hilarious spoof of what it might be like living with Neil deGrasse Tyson:

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  • Si3nal

    Haaaaaa…Bill Nye!! Well done, Key & Peele!!