Wish To Avert A Family Bust-up That Christmas? Forget The DIY

Want to prevent a pointless bust-up with your loved ones this Christmas? Then leave your DIY for another moment.

Christmas is assumed to be a relaxing period, however using the booze flowing a household debate is nearly inevitable.

According to the Federation of Master Builders, over one in ten of us wind up fighting unnecessary home developments.

These would be the primary reasons for family discussions over the Christmas season:

1) Cooking meals (38 per cent);

2) Spending too much time with loved ones (36 per cent);

3) Dealing with in-laws (34 per cent);

4) Consuming too much alcohol (26 per cent);

5) Deciding what to watch TV (16 per cent);

6) Playing with games (11 per cent);

7) DIY jobs, such as building flat pack furniture (11 per cent);

8) Sleeping arrangements (seven per cent).

Sarah McMonagle, director of external affairs at FMB, said : “Christmas is really a joyous time but in addition, it places families beneath immense psychological strain — extended families come together in a restricted area and we are inclined to spend an unusually long quantity of time with the same folks.

“It is so suspicious as to whether we ought to add gas to the flame by embarking upon DIY jobs”

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