You Can Do This Genius Storage Trick — DIY All In One For Those Who Know How To Wrap A Present

My craft room is full after working on it except for I walked to the living space! It needed a cover!

Timing: 40 Minutes Cost: $6 Difficulty: Easy

I might have a sewing machine but I can not say it’s something I love to do this I decided to make a cover. This technique can really be used for appliances.

First measure the diameter of your machine. Mine is 6″. Assess the length. Mine is 14″. You may need 14 inches plus two full widths that is (6 x2) 12 inches and then include an extra 1 inch to the hem. So you’ll require a total of 27 inches to your own width of cloth.

Measure to the peak of the machine From the table. Mine is 12 “. You’ll require a front and rear so add this two (or multiply by 2!)) Now you know your width that will be the identical width as your top is add that plus a inch to get hem. You may need 31 inches to your span,,,

1 piece of cloth measuring 27 “wide by 31” long. If there is one, at the center of your 27 inch cut when cutting your fabric make sure to center your design. This will be the front part of the cover. When you have no pattern you don’t have to get concerned as you can use either side.

Now taking your bit of fabric press it. Using iron on tape, then put it down and then iron to produce a half inch hem across the cloth piece.

Now again taking the first length and breadth of the machine that is 14 x 6, cut a piece of cardboard or foam board to that dimension. This makes a firm top for your cover. Put it at the center on the side of the fabric it is centered in both directions. Now you can use the fabric glue to glue it down. Unique Stitch is fantastic fabric glue. It dries fast and holds your cloth together even if wet. Plus after dried, after 24 hrs, it may be laundered!

Now put this cardboard allowing the cloth hang down. Front and rear hems will lay on the table. Now it’s time to “wrap your present”!

Working on the side fold down the bit from the top. Take that excess fabric bringing it forward when wrapping a present, just as you would.

Fold down bring back ahead of entrance.

At which the material meets the top, use the fabric glue to attach as in wrapping a present you’d put your tape here. Now do exactly the identical thing to the front cloth then gluing it where it matches just like using tape and bringing it in the trunk when wrapping. Indeed that your seam is not visible from the front the reason you bring the rear in first, covering it with the flap is. Glue all of the way down to the end.

Now do the specific same thing to the other hand making sure that you use your material thus that your seam can not be seen from the front to fold over .

You can now easily catch on the cardboard. If you don’t use the cardboard (I tried it!) It looks not too nice and all slouchy.

Looks better with a cover

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Looks much better with a pay because this space is visible from other rooms! Don’t forget to try it on a blender or a toaster. Exactly the wrap technique works!

Materials I employed for this job:

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