You May Want To Grab Some LED Candles Once You See This Stunning Gift Idea–and It Requires Only 10 Minutes To Make! — DIY All In One

When I started crafting, a decoupage project was chosen by me . What a mistake! Each time I attempted to get bubbles, I ended up ripping the newspaper! Following four or five attempts, I was so annoyed that I swore I’d never try my hand in decoupage. Hahahaha, I understand…what a sore loser, correct? But just like anything else in your life, the more you exercise, the better you become at it…or should I say, the more you exercise, the greater you handle the defeat! LOL.

Like I again dared to choose up Mod Podge A couple months and many defeats I have to have coached my nerves much better. This moment everything went amazing, and I was able to make some beautiful world map decoupaged candles for Greg’s Mom . I wanted to discuss a mother-loved-and-approved project with you, because Mother’s Day is approaching, and this makes the cut, as Mom loves those I gave her three years back.

Have you had enough of my yapping? Let’s get on with the tutorial, will we?

I took a bunch of dimensions to find out the size of my LED candles. After I understood the candle size, I started preparing my antique world maps based on size.

I made   many decoupage designs for  5 inch and 6 inch tall LED candles…and yes, as usual I’m sharing them all with you   on our website post.

I printed them and let the ink dry for a couple of hours, once I was finished using the designs.

Now here is a little tip for you: I use two Distinct approaches when decoupaging-

Spreading the paste.

Spreading the glue.

When working on this project, I first started with Method No.1, and that I normally have great success with on  big flat surfaces, so as it helps eliminating bubbles. But because the decoupage surface on these candles was little and not level, I also gave Method No.2 a try, also I must say that was much easier and faster.

I’ll be sharing Method No.two here, but if you’d like to see Method no.1 you discover that on our website post.

Below is the tutorial of how these candles were made by me:

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I hope you liked this video tutorial that is quick!