You Might Want To Buy A Pack Of Corn Husks When You Find This Easy Wall Idea — DIY All In One

A simple yet distinctive fall wreath, with just two items, you may make.

Time: 2 Hours Price: $7 Difficulty: Easy

The two items are a straw wreath (I had a 16″) and corn husks that could be found in any grocery store in the ethnic food section.

You’ll also need paint and hot glue — should you decide to paint it.

1 — I started by covering whole wreath by wrapping husks around the wreath and hot flashes in place.

2 — I left that the “petals” by bending husks in half and cutting them into a petal shape

3 — I used oil paint to paint the husks. I wanted some of them on the suggestion so using a piece of cardboard, to be painted just, I made a template to paint about.

4 — I glued the bottom of the wreath and that the initial row of petals together

5 — The second row is glued into the center of the wreath. Each husk bent and applied hot paste.

6 — People husks are then glued into the center of the wreath.

7 — For the next row, I applied hot paste and bent the ends of the husks backward.

8 — People petals were applied to the inside of the wreath

9 — I flipped the wreath hot glued a piece of twine and .

10 — my wreath hung to add to our Thanksgiving decorations.

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Materials I employed for this job:

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